Tag: Kitchens

  • Boffi Salinas

    All materials of the Boffi Salinas kitchen have been carefully selected and are highly eco-sustainable. It consists of a tubular metal… continue reading.

  • Boffi K14

    The Boffi K14 maintains the continuity of the Norbert Wangen collection: it retains the K11 kitchen’s modular units whilst introducing… continue reading.

  • Boffi Xila

    The Boffi Xila kitchen has been manufactured since 1972 and it was the first kitchen available without handle. It includes… continue reading.

  • Boffi APR 60

    Focused on efficiency and formal cleanliness, the Boffi APR 60 kitchen can create your own desired style thanks to units… continue reading.

  • Boffi K5 – K6

    The Boffi K5 – K6 is an ever developing concept. The K5 kitchen features larger dimensions, has a visible hob… continue reading.