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  • Guy Detot

    Guy Detot was born in France but has lived in South Australia since 1982. Although he has always had a… continue reading.

  • Jennyfer Stratman

    Jennyfer Stratman graduated from Arizona State University in 1997 where she studied visual arts and art education. She migrated to… continue reading.

  • Colin Passmore

    Colin Passmore began exhibiting his art, winning critical acclaim and acceptance from some of Australia’s top galleries and critics in… continue reading.

  • Natasha Barnes

    Natasha Barnes is a South African artist, born in 1969. She has been painting since the age of seven. Her… continue reading.

  • Greg Mallyon

    Greg Mallyon is an Australian artist who works as a painter and print maker. His work is inspired by an… continue reading.

  • Ellie Malin

    Ellie Malin is a print media artist based in Melbourne. Her colourful bold art works reflect a playful approach to… continue reading.