Tag: Otomys

  • Laura Vahlberg

    Laura Vahlberg is an American painter who is based in Virginia. Vahlberg holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts from James… continue reading.

  • Justin Southey

    Justin Southey’s practice explores notions of landscapes and fantastical worlds that serve as metaphors for more unquantifiable emotional and spiritual… continue reading.

  • Emma Itzstein

    Emma Itzstein is a contemporary Australian artist whose painting practice exists as an embodiment of her exploration and understanding of… continue reading.

  • Marie Bernard

    Marie Bernard is a collaboration between Rotterdam NL based designer Masja van Deursen and artist Serge Game that started in… continue reading.

  • Anna Dudek

    Anna Dudek plays with geometric form to enhance the spontaneous, natural movement of natural light. It’s unpredictable, diffused movement across… continue reading.

  • Zarah Cassim

    Zarah Cassim is a painter concerned with notions of perception. She uses the mediums of painting and photography to affect… continue reading.

  • Zak Tilley

    Zak Tilley is a Northern Territory-based artist concerned with how one relates and identifies with the natural environment, the Australian… continue reading.

  • Ben Sheers – Painting

    Ben Sheers is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. Sheers earned a BA in Fine Art (Major in Painting) from… continue reading.

  • Helen Redmond

    Helen Redmond’s full time studio practice is a fulfilment of a life in visual art, interior architecture and design. In… continue reading.

  • Jenny Lundgren

    Jenny Lundgren is a contemporary painter living and working between Örnsköldsvik, Sweden and Vienna, Austria. Jenny attended Ålsta Art School,… continue reading.

  • Hillary Herman

    Australian artist, Hilary Herrmann, has been painting about the “everyday” for over two decades. She finds inspiration from the surroundings… continue reading.

  • Alexia Vogel

    Alexia Vogel, born in 1991 is a South African, Cape Town based painter who graduated from the Michaelis School of… continue reading.

  • Greg Wood

    Greg Wood is concerned with the void above the earth. His visceral approach heightens the sense of insubstantiality, and the… continue reading.