Tag: Painter

  • Albert Oehlen

    Albert Oehlen is an influential contemporary painter working in an eclectic variety of techniques and imagery. Interested in exploring the… continue reading.

  • André Butzer

    Fusing European Expressionism with American popular culture, André Butzer has painted his way through the artistic and political extremes of… continue reading.

  • Katja Strunz

    The works of Katja Strunz bear the traces of lived experience, of a past that manifests itself through the use… continue reading.

  • Michael Cusack

    Born in Dublin, Ireland, Michael Cusack emigrated to Australia in 1982 and currently lives and works in Byron Bay, Australia…. continue reading.

  • Ernst Yohji Jaeger

    Ernst Yohji Jaeger is a ultra-contemporary german artist, born in 1990. Ernst Yohji Jäger’s first verified exhibition was Parallel Vienna in Vienna… continue reading.