Tag: Painting

  • André Butzer

    Fusing European Expressionism with American popular culture, André Butzer has painted his way through the artistic and political extremes of… continue reading.

  • Wayne Pate

    Wayne Pate’s paintings share an affinity with the concept of a road trip. One which starts with a planned route… continue reading.

  • Dorothy Napangardi

    Dorothy Napangardi’s practice was intrinsically connected to her heritage, taking influence from and expanding upon traditional designs of the Kurawarri… continue reading.

  • Laura Vahlberg

    Laura Vahlberg is an American painter who is based in Virginia. Vahlberg holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts from James… continue reading.

  • Emma Itzstein

    Emma Itzstein is a contemporary Australian artist whose painting practice exists as an embodiment of her exploration and understanding of… continue reading.

  • Marise Maas

    The act of painting dominates the world of Marise Maas. As she pursues her need to capture beauty within the everyday,… continue reading.

  • Bronwyn Hill

    Bronwyn Hill is a Brisbane based painter whose practice predominantly focuses on portraiture and figurative representation. Recognized for her sensual… continue reading.

  • Michael Gromm

    Michael Gromm’s relationship to his medium speaks of an open two-way process of making and unmaking, of the physical actions… continue reading.

  • Jo Davenport

    Jo Davenport’s beautifully gestural paintings speak of an intense relationship with nature and an intimate experience of the artist’s local… continue reading.

  • William Breen

    William Breen’s skill in depicting Victoria’s regional landscapes and the distinctly Melburnian streetscapes of Fitzroy and Carlton results in images… continue reading.

  • Margaret Ackland

    Whether through landscape, portraiture or small still lifes Sydney artist Margaret Ackland has been keenly observing and recording traces of… continue reading.

  • Jenny Topfer

    Jenny Topfer’s paintings have long been hostage to the environment. There are various sites she has chosen for her life… continue reading.

  • Aaron Young

    Aaron Young is a contemporary American artist known for his exploration of spectacle and performance. In one of his most… continue reading.

  • Angie Pai

    Angie Pai is an artist based in Melbourne. Born in Taichung, Taiwan.  

  • Michael Cusack

    Born in Dublin, Ireland, Michael Cusack emigrated to Australia in 1982 and currently lives and works in Byron Bay, Australia…. continue reading.

  • Michael Corinne West

    Michael Corinne West, born Corinne Michelle West, is an unsung founder of New York’s Abstract Expressionist movement. The painter and… continue reading.

  • Jean-Marc Louis

    Born in 1959, Jean-Marc Louis travelled a lot and he absorbed light, which will illuminate all of his artwork. His… continue reading.

  • Edward Ruscha

    Edward Joseph Ruscha IV is an American artist associated with the pop art movement. He has worked in the media… continue reading.

  • Julie Davidson

    Drawing on the representational styles of both Northern European and Asian painting traditions Julie Davidson’s serene still life paintings fuse… continue reading.

  • Saxon Quinn

    Saxon Quinn is a self-taught artist with a background in Visual Design. Growing up in country Victoria, Saxon was surrounded… continue reading.

  • Alichia van Rhijn

    Alichia van Rhijn is a South African-born Australian artist and a recent graduate of the National Art School in Sydney…. continue reading.

  • Kasper Raglus

    Kasper Raglus’ own special brand of contemporary geometric abstraction has few peers in the Australian art world. A long-time resident… continue reading.

  • Ben Crawford

    Ben Crawford is a painter in the post-modern tradition. He takes inspiration from a variety of sources, and uses a… continue reading.

  • Christopher Jewitt

    Christopher Jewitt’s paintings express his fixation for quotidian objects in a tempest of colour and marks. He draws objects one on… continue reading.

  • Andrea Shaw

    Andrea Shaw is a paint and textile artist living and working in Torquay, on Victoria’s Surf Coast. Drawing from her… continue reading.

  • Amber Stokie

    Amber Stokie is an Adelaide based visual artist known for her figurative works on paper and canvas. Stokie holds a… continue reading.

  • Sarah Kelk

    Sarah Kelk is a Melbourne based painter whose work is expressive, colourful and abstract. Energised blocks of colour are central… continue reading.

  • Jasmine Mansbridge

    Jasmine Mansbridge is a self taught artist based in Australia. She spent most of her formative years moving about, before… continue reading.

  • Beth Gibbeson

    Beth Gibbeson has paintings  which explore the different landscapes in which she has lived, reflecting on the rural, urban and… continue reading.

  • Tiel Seivl-Keevers

    Tiel Seivl-Keevers is a painter with a background in design and illustration. Her work evolves from her interests in the… continue reading.

  • Liam Haley

    Liam Haley is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). Born on the Northern Rivers of NSW, Haley’s upbringing in… continue reading.

  • Colleen Guiney

    Colleen Guiney has paintings that represent the physical act of painting and the inner calmness that occurs when she paints…. continue reading.