Tag: Painting

  • Nathan Betts

    Nathan Betts is a Melbourne-based emerging artist, born and raised in New Zealand. His inquisitive portraits find their genesis –… continue reading.

  • Wendy Kelly

    Wendy Kelly (nee Malcolm) was born in Melbourne and her primary and secondary schooling took place in the Port Phillip… continue reading.

  • Fran O’Neill

    An Australian-American, Fran O’Neill was born in Wangaratta, Australia, and currently lives and works between Australia and Brooklyn, New York. O’Neill… continue reading.

  • Carol Batchelor

    Carol Batchelor was born in Northern Tasmania in 1969 and relocated from Hobart to Melbourne in 1998. Carol studied at… continue reading.

  • Anne-Marie Zanetti

    The contemporary, expressive style of Anne-Marie Zanetti combines simple, flowing elements with rich colour, tone and detail. Her highly realistic… continue reading.

  • Adriane Strampp

    Adriane Strampp’s painting practice examines the subtlety and nuance of memory and experience through poetic imagery and personal mythology. As… continue reading.

  • Belinda Fox

    Belinda Fox is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in printmaking, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. Her evocative works masterfully distill elements of abstraction… continue reading.

  • Charmaine Pike

    The painting practice of Charmaine Pike reflects the rich tones of the natural land forms that populate areas of inland… continue reading.

  • Christopher Pease

    Christopher Pease is a Minang/Wardandi/Bibbulmun man from South Western Australia, whose visual language is at once deeply embedded within the western… continue reading.

  • Belynda Henry

    Artist Belynda Henry, as a multiple Wynne and Archibald prize finalist, is one Australia’s leading notable and celebrated landscape painters,… continue reading.

  • Dena Kahan

    The painting practice of Dena Kahan aims to subvert our natural inclination for order and perfection. Using museum collections as… continue reading.

  • Emma Walker

    Emma Walker practice consistently engages with the natural world. An explorer at heart, Walker has informed her visual language through extensive… continue reading.

  • Eva Ferndandez

    Born in Toronto, Canada and living in Perth, Western Australia, Eva Ferndandez investigates her own pluralistic identity in relation to contemporary issues… continue reading.

  • Isobel Clement

    Isobel Clement is a Melbourne based painter who has had more than ten solo exhibitions. Her work is included in… continue reading.

  • Junko Go

    In a quest to find universal values, Junko Go paintings are not tied to a particular art movement. Instead, they possess… continue reading.

  • Kirrily Hammond

    The painting practice of Kirrily Hammond depicts the urban environment has been a constant theme in her work, and while… continue reading.

  • Lori Pensini

    The painting practice Lori Pensini reflects the experience of living on pastoral land in remote Western Australia. Driven by her… continue reading.

  • Rachel Coad

    Rachel Coad has a  figurative painting practice that spans 20 years. Well known as a figurative painter, she was awarded… continue reading.

  • Sam Michelle

    Sam Michelle was born in New Zealand and moved to Melbourne in 2001. From a family of talented creatives (sketch… continue reading.

  • Sue Lovegrove

    Sue Lovegrove ’s painting practice reflects an intimate and personal experience of landscape; often remote and isolated places that are relatively… continue reading.

  • Susanne Kerr

    Susanne Kerr is a New Zealand-based artist who has had a successful and extensive exhibition record since 2003. As a… continue reading.

  • Tim Allen

    Tim Allen is a painter in the landscape tradition who creates gestural works from a studio in the Blue Mountains… continue reading.

  • Waldemar Kolbusz

    With a practice that alternates between abstract and more figurative painting, Waldemar Kolbusz’ works come naturally charged with a high energy. His large… continue reading.

  • Wilma Tabacco

    Born in the province of L’Aquila, Italy, Wilma Tabacco has lived in Australia since childhood, yet her diverse art practice reflects her… continue reading.

  • Hillary Herman

    Australian artist, Hilary Herrmann, has been painting about the “everyday” for over two decades. She finds inspiration from the surroundings… continue reading.

  • Imi Knoebel

    Imi Knoebel is a German painter and sculptor known for his contributions to and shaping of 20th century Minimalist abstract… continue reading.

  • Tomislav Nikolic

    Tomislav Nikolic has artful provocations which don’t initially appear sufficiently wilful to start a revolution. Of course the best art doesn’t… continue reading.

  • Leah Thiessen

    Leah Thiessen has abstract, highly layered images which are created in direct response to bush, beaches and mangroves that surround… continue reading.

  • Karlee Rawkins

    Based in the beautiful mid-north coast of New South Wales, Karlee Rawkins has a vast and rich landscape full of… continue reading.

  • Melanie McCollin-Walker

    Drawing on a combination of memory, observation and emotional sensitivity McCollin-Walker’s evocative landscape paintings directly reference the beauty of the… continue reading.

  • Agneta Ekholm

    Serene, vast and immersive, Agneta Ekholm’s sensitively layered paintings evoke a myriad of emotional and cognitive responses. Her organic compositions… continue reading.

  • Melissa Boughey

    Melissa Boughey’s painting practice speaks of a life lived on the land and an intimate connection with both the wild… continue reading.