Tag: Piero Lissoni

  • Boffi Garden Wall-Mounted Washbasin Tap

    The Boffi Garden Wall-Mounted Washbasin Tap is part of the Garden range designed by Piero Lissoni. It’s made of stainless… continue reading.

  • Boffi Iceland Basin

    The Boffi Iceland Basin is in matt white Cristalplant, for counter top mounting and features direct flush without overflow.

  • Boffi PHC

    Boffi PHC designed by Piero Lissoni is a washbasin in Corian or Cristalplant, without hole for overflow. Available in wall and… continue reading.

  • Boffi Fisher Island

    Boffi Fisher Island is an oval bathtub in Ceramilux. The accommodating shape and thin edges make it both pleasant and… continue reading.

  • Boffi Faroe

    The generous size of the Boffi Faroe is achieved through rounded lines in Cristalplant, which shapes the geometrical volume. Cristalplant is… continue reading.

  • Boffi Iceland

    Boffi Iceland is a moulded free-standing bathtub, in white composite material (Cristalplant). Characterised by its smooth, shell-like shape.

  • Boffi Code

    Boffi Code is not a model it’s a proposal – a new way of offering Boffi systems, where customisation and… continue reading.

  • Boffi APR 60

    Focused on efficiency and formal cleanliness, the Boffi APR 60 kitchen can create your own desired style thanks to units… continue reading.

  • Salvatori CNC

    CNC was inspired by designer Piero Lissoni’s visit to our Tuscan headquarters where he saw the Computer Numerical Control system… continue reading.

  • Salvatori Stone Parquet

    Stone Parquet is as the name suggests, an expression in natural stone of the classic wooden flooring traditionally found in… continue reading.

  • Salvatori Raw

    Designed by Piero Lissoni, Raw represents the ruggedness of hewn wood, translated in stone to create a nuanced play of… continue reading.

  • Salvatori Stone Tatami

    Designer Piero Lissoni has created an elegant take on ancient Japanese matting, reinterpreting it in a selection of stones which… continue reading.

  • DePadova Landscape

    The DePadova Landscape adds a note of personality to your environment, with a simple neutrality that everyone agrees on, from… continue reading.

  • DePadova Flying Landscape Sofa

    The DePadova Flying Landscape sofa changes its appearance: thinner seat, lighter frame and higher feet in order to match with the… continue reading.