Tag: Rakumba

  • Rakumba Typography VELA

    An interplay of light and shadow that alludes to an eclipse, is a fundamental aspect of the Rakumba Typography VELA…. continue reading.

  • Indre

    Drawing on nostalgia and decoration, the Indre collection delivers beauty through its delicately rendered double-wall glass capsules that gently cradle… continue reading.

  • Metropol Wall

    Like a pearl hanging from a thread, Metropol begins with a single lamp. Its clever form delivers beauty as a… continue reading.

  • Metropol Pendant

    Like a pearl hanging from a thread, Metropol begins with a single lamp. Its clever form delivers beauty as a… continue reading.

  • Cirque

    Cirque is a blank canvas ready to showcase a selection of special fabrics. Cirque can be finished either in a… continue reading.

  • Mito

    Warm, indirect light flows across three circular domes in the Mito floor light. Modular in design, the Mito series may… continue reading.

  • Canterbury

    Designed by Michael Murray and manufactured in Australia, the Canterbury pendant brings together contemporary design and classic luxury. Offering both… continue reading.

  • Bailey

    Rakumba’s Bailey employs an ancient Italian technique to create an intricate fluted glass shade. A slim internal fitting highlights the… continue reading.

  • Standley Wall

    Teaming up with Rakumba, renowned furniture designer Jon Goulder has stepped into the realm of outdoor lighting with the Standley… continue reading.

  • Ramus

    Inspired by nature’s branching structures, Rakumba’s Ramus allows you to create 3D sculptural forms running up walls and across ceilings… continue reading.

  • City Lights

    Rakumba’s City Lights are available in polished brass, anodised or powdercoated aluminium, with integrated LED light source. Use as a… continue reading.

  • Typography

    Studio Truly Truly and Rakumba have joined forces and created Typography; over time lights can be moved to new positions,… continue reading.

  • Capital

    Rakumba’s Capital pendant features carefully considered fluted brass and solid timber detailing, providing both up and down lighting, addressable independently… continue reading.

  • Potter DS

    The Potter DS range includes a linear ceramic pendant and wall light, and is made using a hybrid of old-school… continue reading.

  • Monroe

    Designed and manufactured in Australia, Rakumba’s Monroe is cast from solid brass and is available either highly polished as “Glamour”… continue reading.

  • City Hall

    Rakumba’s City Hall takes its inspiration from Australia’s preeminent historic art deco civic architecture. With its integrated LED light source,… continue reading.

  • Highline

    Highline in solid brass is an understated and elegant piece, and its strategic LED placement allows for both up and… continue reading.