Tag: Sofas

  • Kubus Sofa

    The Kubus Sofa was shaped by a playful approach to geometry and a clear and simple formal language.  This sofa… continue reading.

  • Harper Sofa

    The Harper Sofa incorporates loose upholstered cushions within generous arms, all designed to wrap you up in comfort.

  • DS-600 Sofa

    Made in Switzerland, de Sede has been designing premium leather furniture since 1965. Founded by a small family of saddle… continue reading.

  • Vuelta Sofa

    Rotation is the meaning of the Spanish word Vuelta. The backrest rotates around the corner and becomes the armrest to… continue reading.

  • Cloverleaf Sofa

    The Verpan Cloverleaf Sofa is uniquely characterised by its deep curves and rich velvet or leather upholstery. The system is… continue reading.

  • Stockholm Sofa Bed

    Let movie night turn into a sleepover with the Stockholm sofa bed, a minimalist, yet soft look invites you into… continue reading.

  • Osaka Chaise Lounge

    A light look and slim proportions make the Osaka Chaise Lounge perfect for small homes, while a subtle feminine look… continue reading.

  • Fargo Sofa

    The Fargo Sofa by BoConcept showcases a stunning softness with its soft curves and plush leather upholstery. Accompanied by thin… continue reading.

  • Indivi Sofa

    With it’s high armrests and open end, the Indivi Sofa is a classic staple piece fit for every home. The… continue reading.

  • DePadova Landscape

    The DePadova Landscape adds a note of personality to your environment, with a simple neutrality that everyone agrees on, from… continue reading.

  • DePadova Flying Landscape Sofa

    The DePadova Flying Landscape sofa changes its appearance: thinner seat, lighter frame and higher feet in order to match with the… continue reading.

  • DePadova Square 16

    The DePadova Square 16 a rigorous, clear, squared silhouette, softened by down cushions. Square has harmonious proportions. The slender steel… continue reading.

  • DePadova Erei

    The DePadova Erei appears to be levitating, as it rises from the floor supported by slim legs despite its important silhouette…. continue reading.