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  • Nathan Betts

    Nathan Betts is a Melbourne-based emerging artist, born and raised in New Zealand. His inquisitive portraits find their genesis –… continue reading.

  • Jean Paul Mangin

    Internationally acclaimed and collected French sculpturist, Jean Paul Mangin, draws from his own intimate and emotional experiences of life. The… continue reading.

  • Anne-Marie Zanetti

    The contemporary, expressive style of Anne-Marie Zanetti combines simple, flowing elements with rich colour, tone and detail. Her highly realistic… continue reading.

  • Marion Abraham

    Marion Abraham is a Melbourne based artist. She works predominantly in oil paint with techniques developed from studies of the… continue reading.

  • Louise Blyton

    Melbourne based Louise Blyton is well known for her reductive pigment on linen works in both 2D and 3D. Louise… continue reading.

  • Paul Snell

    Through the work of Paul Snell, the daily saturation is replaced by selective sensitisation, these pieces continue an exploration of… continue reading.

  • Hayden Jackson

    Hayden Jackson’s work is an emotional response to his surroundings- through colour, shape and texture he explores his relationship with… continue reading.

  • Craig Handley

    Craig Handley is a realist painter who lives and works in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. On leaving school he completed a signwriting… continue reading.

  • Jacob Spokes

    Jacob Spokes’s work is a celebration of both process and chance. His attraction to this began with continuous line drawing…. continue reading.

  • Ali McNabney-Stevens

    Ali McNabney-Stevens is a Melbourne based contemporary artist who depicts landscape and floral scenes through expression gestures of paint, sketchy… continue reading.

  • Paul Snell

    The pause, the gap and the omission are increasingly significant in our saturated image-driven society. Through this work the daily… continue reading.

  • Veronica Cay

    Veronica Cay is an accomplished Australian contemporary figurative artist. Focusing on the practices of drawing and sculpture Veronica reflects upon… continue reading.

  • Lilianne Ivins

    Lilianne Ivins is an emerging artist based in Sydney, known for her haunting and melancholy landscapes. “My paintings explore the… continue reading.

  • Louise Blyton

    Louise Blyton is a reductive artist exploring the romance of raw linen and dry pigment. Recently, Louise has presented a… continue reading.

  • Sue Beyer

    Using a multidisciplinary approach, Sue Beyer’s visual art practice primarily examines place and space. Her current work is part of… continue reading.

  • Phoebe Halpin

    Phoebe Halpin creates delicate works on canvas that directly respond to the Australian landscape. Halpin is an exciting emerging artist… continue reading.

  • Cristina Ghetti

    Cristina Ghetti’s work is a geometric abstraction, the goal of her work is to express both an interest in the… continue reading.

  • Meagan Jacobs

    After 30 years of living on the NSW South Coast, Meagan Jacobs packed up her studio, grabbed the dog and… continue reading.

  • Claire Kirkup

    Claire is an Australian contemporary artist, born 1976, who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. “At the very core of… continue reading.

  • Ash Holmes

    Ash Holmes is a Sydney-based artist who draws on colour psychology and her environment on the Northern Beaches of Sydney… continue reading.

  • Annelie Vandendael

    Annelie Vandendael is a photographer born in Belgium and raised in France. Inspired by the tendency of fashion photography to… continue reading.

  • Robbie Harmsworth

    Robbie Harmsworth is a Melbourne based artist, who recontextualises neoclassical forms and figures with a contemporary method of making. With… continue reading.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Daniel Anderson is not only an extremely accomplished Photographer but an entirely intriguing artist. His mind is swarming with imagery… continue reading.

  • Simon Barlow

    Simon Barlow’s journey through life in art has taken him to many places, literally and figuratively. From fine bird illustrations… continue reading.

  • Peter Summers

    Peter Summers creates work that is subtle, reductive and expressive. His paintings are of open spaces, pared back to the… continue reading.

  • Anya Pesce

    Anya Pesce is a Sydney based artist, whose art practice addresses surface, colour and materiality. Pesce explores the way in… continue reading.

  • Samuel Condon

    Samuel Condon is an Australian artist practising his art in Paris. His modes of creation revolve around painting and drawing,… continue reading.

  • Greer Clayton

    Greer Clayton explores the ethereal qualities of the New Zealand landscape through form, diffused line and layers of pearlised acrylic…. continue reading.

  • Clare Brodie

    Clare Brodie’s paintings are from her meditative walks through her local bush where she draws a sense of peace as… continue reading.

  • Andy Harwood

    Andy Harwood is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, who has exhibited work for 15 years. Harwood has established a… continue reading.

  • Stanislas Piechaczek

    French artist Stanislas Piechaczek brings to his linen a distinct, fresh conversation via figuration. The works sit between an unusual… continue reading.

  • Miranda Russell

    Miranda Russell’s works are an intimate expression of her place in the world, and can best be understood as an… continue reading.