Barazza Made to Measure Stainless Steel

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Barazza Made to Measure Stainless Steel worktops are developed and produced by Italian-based designers, and artisans in the Barazza factory that is synonymous with innovation, quality and design.

Barazza’s unique ability to seamlessly incorporate their hobs, sinks and accessories into the stainless steel projects gives the designer the ultimate freedom to create a functional piece which boasts clean lines, an unrivalled minimalist elegance, and a more ergonomic and hygienic finish. Barazza uses only AISI 304 stainless steel, with its high chrome and nickel content.

The AISI 304 has outstanding anti-corrosion resistance, and has no equal when it comes to hygiene and durability. It is also completely recyclable, which is in line with Barazza’s commitment to environmental sustainability.