• Nerone & Patuzzi Gruppo NP2 Wall Panel

    The Nerone & Patuzzi Gruppo NP2 Wall Panel is a beautiful wooden artwork made in Torino, Italy 1970. The panel… continue reading.

  • Imi Knoebel

    Imi Knoebel is a German painter and sculptor known for his contributions to and shaping of 20th century Minimalist abstract… continue reading.

  • Jaume Roig

    Jaume Roig lives and works on the Island of Mallorca, Eastern Spain. A second-generation ceramicist, Roig learned the craft from… continue reading.

  • Jade Thorsen

    Jade Thorsen is a Melbourne-based ceramicist working from her North Fitzroy studio. Her practice focuses on wheel-thrown functional wares that… continue reading.

  • Marie Bernard

    Marie Bernard is a collaboration between Rotterdam NL based designer Masja van Deursen and artist Serge Game that started in… continue reading.

  • Indigo Love Expression Sculpture

    Indigo Love Expression Sculpture has been crafted from aluminium and finished in a beautiful copper-coloured coating. Sit this sculpture atop… continue reading.

  • Alichia van Rhijn

    Alichia van Rhijn is a South African-born Australian artist and a recent graduate of the National Art School in Sydney…. continue reading.

  • 101 CPH Sphere Ceramic Vase – Bubble

    The 101 CPH Sphere Ceramic Vase – Bubble celebrates unique silhouettes and textures that makes an impact with the decorative charm… continue reading.

  • Kirsten Perry

    Kirsten Perry is a self-taught ceramicist working from her studio based in Preston, Melbourne. Working predominantly with slip cast mid-fired functional… continue reading.

  • Lex Williams Vol. 1 – Vessel 1

    Lex Williams Vol. 1 – Vessel 1 is from the collection ‘Liminality’ by Byron Bay artist Lex Williams, a collection… continue reading.

  • Tatsiana Shevarenkova

    Tatsiana Shevarenkova is a Belarusian artist based in Sydney. After a career as a fashion stylist in Moscow, she moved… continue reading.

  • Paul Snell

    The pause, the gap and the omission are increasingly significant in our saturated image-driven society. Through this work the daily… continue reading.

  • Franz West

    From abstract and interactive sculpture to furniture and collage, Franz West ’s oeuvre possesses a character that is at once… continue reading.

  • Dadang Christanto

    Dadang Christanto has spent his career honouring the countless victims of political violence and crimes against humanity. His large scale… continue reading.

  • Isobel Rayson

    Isobel Rayson is an early career artist based in New South Wales, Australia. Isobel graduated with a Bachelor of Visual… continue reading.

  • Sharon Alpren

    Sharon Alpren is a Melbourne based ceramic artist based in the Macedon Ranges. Working predominantly with richly coloured and textured… continue reading.

  • Porcelain Saw Tooth Building

    Porcelain Saw Tooth Building by Sonya Moyle. Sonya is an emerging ceramic artist who uses drawing techniques on the ceramic surface…. continue reading.

  • Dion Horstmans

    Dion Horstmans strong, dynamic works embody his infinite energy. In his journey to become a full time artist, Horstmans spent… continue reading.

  • Anna Dudek

    Anna Dudek plays with geometric form to enhance the spontaneous, natural movement of natural light. It’s unpredictable, diffused movement across… continue reading.

  • Ben Sheers – Sculpture

    Ben Sheers’ recent works take their initial inspiration from small cut paper collages. They were born out of teaching his… continue reading.

  • Jean Paul Mangin

    Internationally acclaimed and collected French sculpturist, Jean Paul Mangin, draws from his own intimate and emotional experiences of life. The… continue reading.

  • Harold Ancart

    Harold Ancart ’s expansive multimedia practice broadly comments on landscapes, built environments, and the way humans move through space. The… continue reading.

  • Ella Reweti

    Ella Reweti is a Melbourne-based ceramicist working predominantly with slipcasting techniques to create functional, sculptural pieces inspired by industrial architectural… continue reading.

  • Hay Knot M Blue

    Hay Knot M Blue – Coloured glass twisted into a knot makes an original miniature sculpture that can be used… continue reading.

  • Jess Graham

    Jess Graham is a regional Victorian-based ceramicist working predominantly in functional wares with an occasional shift to sculptural vessels. Her… continue reading.

  • Studio Kieu Resilience

    Kieu Tan started this Studio Kieu Resilience sculpture in the days following the tragic death of George Floyd. This sculpture… continue reading.

  • denHolm FLOWER

    Welcome a forever flower into your home with the limited edition one stem FLOWER by denHolm. Carved entirely by hand… continue reading.

  • Stephen Ormandy – Sculpture

    Stephen Ormandy – Sculpture: “My work is born of the subconscious mind. I’m looking for vibration and rhythm, the play… continue reading.

  • Stephane Ducatteau

    Designer, Stéphane Ducatteau, mainly works with sheet metal and acid-treated steel and stainless steel. Furniture is for him the support… continue reading.

  • Gavin Turk

    Gavin Turkis a British born, international artist. He has pioneered many forms of contemporary British sculpture now taken for granted,… continue reading.

  • Carla Cascales Alimbau – Sculpture

    Carla Cascales Alimbau is an independent artist living and working in Barcelona. Her work is based on finding beauty in… continue reading.

  • J19

    The J19 range of handmade sculptures are designed to be simple forms sitting quietly within a space, creating a visual… continue reading.