Coffee Makers

  • La Pavoni Botticelli Specialty

    La Pavoni Botticelli Specialty is the new espresso coffee machine for enthusiast home-barista, who want delicious espresso like in coffee… continue reading.

  • La Pavoni Jolly Dosato

    The La Pavoni Jolly Dosato grinder has a top container for coffee beans, capacity gr. 250, it is fitted with plain… continue reading.

  • La Pavoni Expo 2015

    La Pavoni Expo 2015 was introduced as one of three new models dedicated to the 2015 international event: La Grande… continue reading.

  • La Pavoni Cellini Classic

    The La Pavoni Cellini Classic machine is equipped with a copper and insulated boiler for energy saving and increased thermal stability…. continue reading.