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est brings you designers from across the globe that are highlighted in our publications, showing off modern and contemporary home accessories for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining and living areas. Browse the various categories featured on our site to find the perfect décor accessories for your home.

For instance, if you’re looking for black and white bathroom accessories, we have a Bath Pedal Bin by Menu, or a Salvatori Fontane Bianche Toothbrush Holder. The trick to high-end modern bathroom style is to choose home accessories that feature curved clean lines, monochromatic colours and the highest quality materials.

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In the bedroom, lighting can make all the difference when creating a boudoir with just the right ambience. Discover new opulent lighting options with est, such as the Fizi Table Lamp or the Balla Table Lamp. We have an abundance of inspirations waiting for you here on our website and in our exclusive magazine.

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If you’re looking for unique and innovative products designed by leaders in the architectural field, look no further than est. We showcase collections of well-designed pieces that are crafted to heighten the luxury and convenience of your home. Buy home accessories to add to the splendour of your residence through our magazine or via the designer links on our website. To keep up to date with all things pertaining to modern home accessories, sign up to our newsletter today.