• Fisher & Paykel Series 9 | 12kg Front Loader Washing Machine

    Fisher & Paykel Front Loader 12kg ActiveIntelligenceTM LCD screen washing machine. The large 12kg drum can wash both small and large loads… continue reading.

  • Pittella Tura Soap Dispenser

    The Pittella Tura Soap Dispenser is part of the Tura Collection. Made from brass, Tura is sleek, clean, contemporary and… continue reading.

  • Specified Store Single Broom Holder

    The Specified Store Single Broom Holder is a maple single broom holder handmade from white pine and made in the… continue reading.

  • Fisher & Paykel Series 7 | Front Loader Washer Dryer Combo

    The Fisher & Paykel front loader washer dryer combo, 8.5kg/5kg provides a complete laundry solution, two in one convenience both… continue reading.

  • Falper Quattro Zero Backlit LED Mirror

    The Falper Quattro Zero Backlit LED Mirror, incorporates backlighting and commands the bathroom without over powering the overall design aesthetic…. continue reading.

  • Fisher & Paykel Front Loader Washing Machine 10kg

    This Fisher & Paykel front loader 10kg washing machine has 13 different fabric care cycles to cater for every type… continue reading.

  • Kreoo Bubble – Freestanding Washbasin

    The new Kreoo Bubble – Freestanding Washbasin, designed by Marco Piva for Kreoo, highlights the sinuosity and dynamism that can… continue reading.

  • Specified Store Barn Broom

    These Specified Store Barn Broom handmade, durable barn brooms are the perfect all-purpose household broom. Made of natural corn husk… continue reading.

  • Fisher & Paykel Series 9 | Heat Pump Condensing Dryer

    The Fisher & Paykel 9kg Dryer is a condensing dryer uses efficient heat pump technology to dry your clothes at… continue reading.