• Neville French

    There is no doubt that Neville French is one of Australia’s most revered classical ceramicists. His humble, but significantly scales porcelain structures… continue reading.

  • Ella Reweti

    Ella Reweti is a Melbourne-based ceramicist working predominantly with slipcasting techniques to create functional, sculptural pieces inspired by industrial architectural… continue reading.

  • Jaume Roig

    Jaume Roig lives and works on the Island of Mallorca, Eastern Spain. A second-generation ceramicist, Roig learned the craft from… continue reading.

  • Jess Graham

    Jess Graham is a regional Victorian-based ceramicist working predominantly in functional wares with an occasional shift to sculptural vessels. Her… continue reading.

  • Irene Grishin Selzer

    Irene Grishin Selzer has a Masters degree in Fine Arts (Ceramics) from Monash University in Melbourne graduating with Clayworks Australia… continue reading.

  • Ella Bendrups

    Ella Bendrups embraces the expressive nature of hand building, pinching, coiling and carving clay to highlight the maker’s touch. With… continue reading.

  • Ann Van Hoey

    Ann Van Hoey is a Belgian ceramic artist. She graduated with a degree in Ceramics from the Institute for Arts… continue reading.

  • Stephanie Phillips Ceramics

    Stephanie Phillips Ceramics collection is by the  ceramic artist from Sydney, Australia. She draws strong influence in her artistic direction… continue reading.

  • Matthew Chambers

    Matthew Chambers specialises in ceramic sculptures constructed of multiple sections built on the potter’s wheel. Finished with integral colour, unglazed… continue reading.

  • Tigmi Bouteille Ovni in Plum Glaze

    Tigmi Bouteille Ovni in Plum Glaze by Catherine Dix is handcrafted from White Mortar Stoneware in Green Périgord, France. Working… continue reading.

  • Ben Mazey

    Ben Mazey is an Australian-based artist whose work evolves from a cathartic process of liberating the nostalgic and the familiar…. continue reading.

  • Alessandro Di Sarno

    Italian born and Sydney based maker, Alessandro di Sarno, always had an interest in art and design however his creative… continue reading.

  • Kerryn Levy Torn Onishi Vase

    The Kerryn Levy Torn Onishi Vase was created for the Landskein exhibition by Kerryn Levy and Theresa Hunt in September 2020. ‘Sleeping… continue reading.

  • Rina Bernabei

    Rina Bernabei has been working in industrial design for the past 30 years. She has brought her love of earthy,… continue reading.

  • Kazunori Hamana

    Kazunori Hamana has voluminous, hand-built ceramic vessels that reflect his deep relationship with nature. His work is informed by traditional… continue reading.

  • Tessy King

    Tessy King is a ceramic artist based on the Clarence River in NSW working from her shed studio. During her… continue reading.

  • Anchor Ceramics – Sculpture by Bruce Rowe

    Based in Melbourne, Australia, Anchor Ceramics is a design studio that operates in an applied research, prototyping and product development… continue reading.