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If you’re looking at art paintings for home decoration, let est inspire you to find interior artwork that sets the right tone in your home. We have paintings for home décor from talented artists represented by galleries across Australia and overseas. For the best in art for decorating your home, visit est for new ideas, textures, images and colours.

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At est, we only supply the best inspirations in the form of products from leading architects, designers and artists working in the home space. Whether you’re looking for wall art, wall hangings, paintings, illustrations, murals, photographic prints, drawings or more, flip through the pages of our magazine or browse our website to view our full range of creative design artwork options.

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Our editors hand-pick every product featured on our website and in our magazine for luxury living. So if you’re looking for cool artwork designs that suit a modern prestige home, make sure you check est for the latest inspirations. For example, for kitchen artwork on canvas, a great option would be a bright yet stylish title by Greg Mallyon. If you’re looking for artwork for living room walls and you have a monochrome subdued colour scheme, you might find work by Caroline Walls appropriate.

The Aim of Modern House Artwork

The aim of modern house artwork is to add layers of meaning and nuance to the architecture of your home. Interior wall art paintings can set a definite mood with colour, tone or texture, reinforcing the scheme of the architecture. Choose living room art that inspires a certain value in the space, or select sculptures that add a third dimension to a room with tactile interest. There are so many options for interior design artwork when you’re guided by est.

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Featured in our magazine and on our website are many renowned Australian and international artists represented by respected galleries and brought to your attention by est. Find your beautiful room centrepiece today by browsing our pages, or sign up to our email newsletter to keep in the loop.

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