Axolight Salina

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Axolight Salina is a lamp that flies: light and essential, linear and soft, it is a large geometry that remains in mid-air, lights up and gathers under its flaps.

It is created from a square of fabric folded in the corners by 4 pinces which give it the concave shape.
The fabric is one moment tense, one moment free in a balance of straight lines and curves that make it move, a play of shadows and light that paint it like a watercolor.

The suspension lamps of the Salina collection: a) can be used indoors, in spaces with a high degree of humidity (such as bathrooms or SPA) and outdoors (porches, loggias, terraces, gardens); b) are equipped with Dim to Warm technology, i.e. it will be possible to decrease the luminous flux by varying the color temperature of the LED at the same rate towards a warmer tone.