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  • Cotto Manetti Terracotta Tumbled Square Mosaics

    The Cotto Manetti Terracotta Tumbled Square Mosaics will require a light acid wash to remove naturally occurring salts from the… continue reading.

  • Earp Bros Zellij French Blue

    Part of the Zellij Tile collection from Earp Bros, French Blue is a ceramic tile with a hand formed edge…. continue reading.

  • Matita Smoke

    Di Lorenzo’s Matita Smoke mosaic tile features a speckled finish and is available in a 295 x 295 sheet size.

  • Bisazza Gerbera Whiteless

    The Bisazza Gerbera Whiteless Shading Blend is a sequence of mosaic blends arranged in a gradation from light to dark,… continue reading.