Caroline Walls

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Caroline Walls draws inspiration from the movement and fluidity of the female form, moments of intimacy, contemporary perceptions of women’s sexuality in the current cultural sphere, as well as notions of gender and fertility. She is keenly interested in the construction and complexity of the female identity, and the distinction between the private and the public self, which are key themes of the work she produces. MAYBE SHE showcases works that aim not to transcribe, but rather imply, femininity and all that that word carries with it: strength, motherhood, fragility, sexuality, burden, and beauty.

Her artistic practice is grounded in a sensitive use of colour and a deep understanding of composition and form. Caroline’s reductive paintings are stripped back to the most essential line and shape to heighten the expressive power of each artwork. There is obvious intention behind the lithe colour scheme of her paintings, which resonate with eshy, natural milk and oak tones of the skin.

Through a sensitive, highly considered use of colour and a deep consideration of composition and form, I hope that the works convey notions of sensuality, inner beauty and the intangible qualities associated with the feminine”.