Belgian Losange Diamond Tile

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  • Dimensions available in 8" squares, 2"x8" planks, hexagons, circles & star/cross.
  • Materials Terracotta
  • Price Guide $40.00 per SF ($ 6.66 per piece)
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Clé has lovingly restored a modest form of terracotta production, only this time, substitutes the standard terracotta with the most exquisite flemish black and flemish red clay (coming soon). These wood-fired tiles are a concert of variations, both surface and shade, making them perfect for grounding projects with the same austerity as striking Belgian antique surfaces. The word losange is the French word for “diamond”. These gracefully formed diamond-shaped tiles can be used to create a distinctive pattern, on their own. When paired with circle tiles, a more classic, palatial surface emerges.