Belgian Terracotta Circle Tile

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  • Dimensions available in 8" squares, 2"x8" planks, hexagons, circles & star/cross.
  • Materials Terracotta
  • Colour Various
  • Price Guide $30.00 per SF ($ 10.83 per piece)
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Belgian reproduction is our latest tile infatuation which comes in the form of classically reproduced Belgian terracotta tiles. Clé has lovingly restored a modest form of terracotta production, only this time, substitutes the standard terracotta with the most exquisite flemish black and flemish red clay (coming soon). These wood-fired tiles are a concert of variations, both surface and shade, making them perfect for grounding projects with the same austerity as striking Belgian antique surfaces. Punctuate your spaces with a more modern take on Belgian reproduction – the circle. This shape will transform any project into a more distinctive, unique finish.