Natural Subway Tile

  • Home Products Materials and Finishes Natural Subway Tile
  • Dimensions 2"x2", 4"x4", 3.5" hex, 2"x6" (nominal size)"
  • Materials Terracotta
  • Colour Natural
  • Price Guide $17.50 per SF ($ 1.25 per piece)
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Zellige tile left bare of any glaze is the most natural tile we offer at Clé. inspiring images of the moroccan desert- natural zellige are stunning on their own, or paired with any of their glazed counterparts (and especially weathered white, secret lagoon or ancient sea zellige), our natural zellige is as traditional as zellige gets. A zellige in the subway shape is a 2″x6″ (nominal) size that, though traditional in morroco, is a new and adventurous take on the subway tile trend. If you are in search of subway tiles with an exotic twist- zellige subway is the perfect format for you. BEWARE: subway zellige is thicker than standard zellige! instead of 3/8″ thickness, please anticipate 3/4″ thickness for your subway zellge.