Zellige Terracotta Weathered Tile

  • Home Products Materials and Finishes Zellige Terracotta Weathered Tile
  • Dimensions L 100 x W 100mm
  • Materials Terracotta
  • Colour Various
  • Price Guide $18.61 per SF ($ 1.98 per piece)
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Clé has named our classic white zellige tile- weathered white. that is because even though it is a white terracotta tile of a singular colour, that colour is made up of, literally, dozens of shades of white including – grays, creams, pinks, celadons and even blues. Our weathered white is to white glazed terracotta tiles what opals are to white gemstones. So if you’re tired of white tiles that are the same-ol same-ol, then this tile born from a 10th century tile-making craft has arrived just in time for you!