Cuero Sierra

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1938 was the year when one of the most iconic chairs in the world was born: The Butterfly Chair. Since then, there has been a desperate need of a convenient side table that perfectly matched the chair. Cuero designed Cuero Sierra . A table with an oval shape, inspired by the trendy shape back in 1938.

Cuero did not expect that this table was going to be so loved as it is today. It was first designed to be a perfectly matching table for the Mariposa Butterfly chair. But when design experts saw it, they instantly appreciated it for its beautiful aesthetics and oval shape that differs from all the round shaped tables out there.

The best way to enjoy this table is when you buy two of them. Together, they look amazing and are extremely handy as they serve as a large coffee table that you can also easily break up into two small side tables; one for each lounge chair.