Minotti Jacques

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The Minotti Jacques sofa originated from a common design seed that transforms a vaguely retro style into a symbol of absolutely contemporary style. A sophisticated aesthetic language that is expressed in soft shapes, compact proportions and details with striking visual impact, like the metal base with Light Bronze finish.

Elegant stitching emphasises the curved silhouette of the Jacques armchairs and sofas, whose rounded shapes create a surprising contrast with the more formal, geometric outlines of the Lawrence sofa. All of the seating elements share the enveloping lines that offer a pleasant sensation of welcoming warmth, thanks to the soft cushioning in the seats and backrests. Structural perfection and flawless tailoring underscore the high level of expertise achieved by the company over the years and are the consummate expression of its masterful craftsmanship.

The “Grand Jacques” sofa is perfectly balanced between traditional and contemporary styling. Distinguished by an enveloping structure that continues along the contour of the armrest, it is constructed with a single seat cushion. The depth of the sofa was designed to host numerous cushions, lending the sofa a luxurious appearance and a contemporary decorative allure. The restrained height and curved lines of the “Grand Jacques” sofa also make it a natural for positioning in the centre of a room.