Derek Swalwell

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Shot entirely in Italy, Derek Swalwell takes an intimate look at the works of famed architects Carlo Scarpa, Aldo Rossi and Carlo Aymonino to uncover a new narrative around these historically significant locations.

Through his curious lens and precise composition Outdistance pays an extraordinary tribute to these design greats, focusing in on the details whilst capturing the magnetic dance between architecture and light.

Derek’s work has featured in a magnitude of design and architecture books and magazines across the world, including Architectural Digest (USA), Architectural Digest (MEX), Vogue Living, Architectural Review, Architecture Australia, Elle Decor to name a few.

Derek Swalwell is one of Australia’s best known and most respected commercial photographers. At the heart of this prolific creative output, of course, is a personal passion. Derek is driven by a fascination for his subject matter. He is drawn to bustling cities, bold architecture, big skies and expansive landscapes.  First and foremost, Derek is an observer of the world, and his personal projects are what keeps this wide-eyed curiosity alive.