Timber Pendants

  • LZF Agatha

    Designed by Luis Eslava, the LZF Agatha elegant interlacing whorls of handmade wood veneer strips spring concentrically from its centre,… continue reading.

  • Stone & Dove Balance

    Stone & Dove Balance pendant is inspired by the meditative practice of stacking and balancing stones. It utilizes three colours… continue reading.

  • Stone & Dove Keats

    Stone & Dove Keats solid walnut and maple and finished and polished to a stunning gloss. Available in Wine, Sapphire,… continue reading.

  • Stone & Dove Kiss

    Stone & Dove Kiss is a versatile piece that could be just as fitting over a kitchen table as it… continue reading.

  • Stone & Dove Pixie

    Stone & Dove Pixie features solid maple and is finished and polished to a stunning gloss. Several colour choices are… continue reading.

  • Stone & Dove Chrysalis

    Inspired by the cocoon-like shape that contains maturing butterflies and moths, Stone & Dove Chrysalis’s oblique angle exposes the interior… continue reading.

  • Stone & Dove 10 O’Clock Tea

    Stone & Dove 10 O’Clock Tea is available in Wine, Sapphire, Tangerine, Marigold, Violet, Natural Maple, and Wintergreen. 

  • Stone & Dove Ripple

    Stone & Dove Ripple is inspired by the movement of a pebble dropped in water, Ripple has three shades of… continue reading.