Dion Horstmans

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Dion Horstmans strong, dynamic works embody his infinite energy. In his journey to become a full time artist, Horstmans spent over a decade in the film industry, constructing props and models for movie sets – a period that sparked his curiosity for large scale works made with industrial materials. A true challenge chaser, Horstmans strives to depict fluid movement through his static structures; strong lines join to create forceful, multi-dimensional works.

The play of light and shade is the overarching theme in Horstmans practice. Graphic works are transformed as light is captured and reflected. Shifting shadows become part of each work as Horstmans endeavours to freeze time with tangible shadows.

His Islander heritage and keen interest in ethnography sees tribal patterns and motifs underpin Horstmans’ entire body of work. Strong lines and geometric repetition echo the decorative tessellations of tribal art, while its’ strength and longevity is embodied by Horstmans trademark use of steel.