• Dca incasso Ceiling Light

    The Dca incasso Ceiling Light is a recessed downlight suitable for commercial and residential use. Designed by Architect David Chipperfield the… continue reading.

  • Arkoslight Puck Down Light

    The Arkoslight Puck Down Light is a luminary that “for its function, opening angle and luminous flux- manages to embody,… continue reading.

  • Down 80 Wallwasher Light

    Down 80 is developed for LED light sources. Down 80 can be rotated up to 360° and tilted by 30°… continue reading.

  • Deep Ringo Light

    With the Deep Ringo ceiling light, glare is reduced to a minimum with its conical shaped reflector, together with the… continue reading.

  • Splitbox Spy 2

    The Splitbox Spy 2 is a trimless integrated lighting system, with the full flexibility of surface mounted lighting. These Spy… continue reading.

  • Arkoslight Black Foster Trimless 3

    The Arkoslight Black Foster Trimless 3 exemplifies a refined design that sits concealed in the ceiling, creating a continuous clean… continue reading.

  • Arkoslight Shot Down Light

    The Arkoslight Shot Down Light is a luminary conceived to be a small, discreet point of light in the ceiling… continue reading.

  • Foro Downlight

    The Foro Downlight by Peter Zumthor is the perfect option for a concealed downlight. Seamlessly recessed into the ceiling, the downlight… continue reading.

  • Tweeter Trimless Light

    Available as ceiling recessed and ceiling surface mounted, Tweeter introduces new levels in flexibility, both in movement and in lighting… continue reading.

  • M4 Trimless

    First introduced in 2004 as a single LED luminaire, upscaled in 2008 as a multiple LED luminaire with 4 or… continue reading.

  • Gyn Light

    The Gyn is a gypsum luminaire. The curved shape of the frame provides a smooth transition from ceiling to luminaire…. continue reading.

  • Spy 52 Trimless

    Minimalism, functionality and versatility are the key terms to describe the Spy 52 Trimless. The Spy was designed to meet… continue reading.

  • L2 ST

    First introduced in 2004 as a single LED luminaire, upscaled in 2008 as a multiple LED luminaire with 4 or… continue reading.

  • Down in-Line 76 Single Light

    Kreon down in-line 76 is a range of architectural downlights with square or rectangular apertures. The small dimensions of this… continue reading.

  • Arkoslight Fit 50 Recessed

    The Arkoslight Fit 50 Recessed is a spotlight for single recessed lighting solutions. Cylindrical geometry and essential forms, it stands… continue reading.

  • Battery Trim Large 2L Light

    Family of recessed lighting devices, 2 x QR111 module, becoming a solution that is integrated into the environment to provide… continue reading.