• Kvadrat Fez Stripe 003

    The Kvadrat Fez Stripe 003 fabric is a sahco upholstery in a deep grey-green, designed by Vincent Van Duysen and… continue reading.

  • Kvadrat Memory 2 0256

    Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Kvadrat Memory 2 0256 is an upholstery fabric with a tactile, resilient and irregular expression. Memory has… continue reading.

  • Graffito Fabric – Onyx Beige

    Where fine art meets street art, Graffito Fabric – Onyx Beige is an abstract graphic print whose trademark hand-painted pattern… continue reading.

  • Missoni Home Claremont #170

    The Missoni Home Claremont #170 fabric is a fine woven stripe material as part of Missoni Home’s fabric collection.

  • Chalet Fabric – Dusk Black

    Symmetry works together to make the embroidered square pattern, Chalet Fabric – Dusk Black, both chic and sleek. Available in… continue reading.

  • Jubilee Fabric – Shell

    Delicate organic lines compose the soulful and energetic embroidery on linen ground cloth that is the Jubilee Fabric – Shell…. continue reading.

  • Kvadrat Sahco Safire 003

    Kvadrat Sahco Safire 003 has a coarse surface whose structure gives a subtle handwoven appearance that is both unique and dynamic,… continue reading.

  • District Fabric

    District Fabric evokes a feeling of casual decadence through an elevated sense of artistry and uniqueness of scale. With a… continue reading.

  • Rarity Fabric – Sky Sapphire

    Enter another dimension with the Rarity Fabric- Sky Sapphire. This linen-blend frisé velvet combines an optical pattern with vivid colours…. continue reading.

  • Skandilock Curly 17 mm in Espresso

    Skandilock Curly 17 mm in Espresso is the perfect sheepskin for your upholstery project, it is good to know that… continue reading.

  • Lee Jofa Brushstroke – Tobacco Fabric

    Lee Jofa Brushstroke Fabric in the  Tobacco shade is an upholstery pattern which was designed by Oscar De La Renta.

  • Missoni Home Vitim #164

    Offering unparalleled elegance the Missoni Home Vitim #164 Fabric brings timeless style and opulence to your living space with their… continue reading.

  • Oblique Fabric – Beige Noir

    Based on Kelly’s love of stripes, the Oblique Fabric – Beige Noir is both timeless and modern. The diagonal striping… continue reading.