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In addition to furniture, fixtures and fittings can also have a large impact on the look of your space, whether it be a luxury bathroom or kitchen. Fixture hardware has come a long way over time, with options for elegant home fittings and fixtures from leading interior designers now available. At est, whether it be in our magazine or on our website, we showcase home fittings online that are not only practical, but also seamlessly beautiful. If you’re looking for designer-made contemporary pieces such as door hardware, joinery, accessories for windows and doors, or wall or light hardware, search through our product showcase first.

Get Our Recommendations for Interior Fixtures and Fittings

No matter what kind of fixture and fittings you need, est offers an exclusive collection from some the best and renowned designers and brands. Our selections online feature clean lines and modern shapes that are perfect accompaniments to the architecture of any contemporary luxury home.

Highlights of Our Fixtures and Fittings

Choose from the Ema Lever door handle in silver brass or the sleek Leather Stacked Entry Handle. Specific to the bathroom, we have the most stylish toilets and tapware, including the Nicole Wall Faced Pan and the beautifully minimalist Pinch Floor Mount Bath Outlet. This is just a sample of some of the sophisticated designs on offer when it comes to fittings and fixtures at est.

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est brings you the most up to date recommendations on interior design pieces to complement your luxury home. Browse the contemporary pieces on our website and the features in our magazine to find the perfect fixtures and fittings for your residence. To stay updated on the hottest looks for modern homes, sign up to our newsletter now.

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