Agneta Ekholm

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Serene, vast and immersive, Agneta Ekholm’s sensitively layered paintings evoke a myriad of emotional and cognitive responses. Her organic compositions suggest movement, the play of light, glass-like formations or the flow of water. The fluid ebb and flow of her paint intuitively renders graceful forms via a technique Ekholm has mastered over the years of her practice.

Ekholm says of her practice, ”Working with fast-drying acrylic and water, I use a sponge to apply layer upon layer of shapes and gestures with solid pigment and transparent washes, while continually washing and rubbing sections away until the final complex image is built. I may work for days on a small isolated section of the painting. It is an obsessive and fastidious process and the work travels a complex journey of twists and turns before I have found the ‘solution’ which is that painting’s final incarnation.”

In a way nature is always the starting point. It acts as a mirror on the soul; a reflex. In nature I find something that triggers a kind of personal state of mind.
Agneta Ekholm.