Jacob Leary

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Jacob Leary is a multi-disciplinary artist with a practice spanning a range of mediums including painting, prints, video and installation. A tendency toward the dynamic has fed his preoccupation with assemblage, resulting in artworks that operate within seriality as well as a tendency toward change. Leary’s most recent works place an emphasis on the aesthetic realm of appearances, the world of surfaces (glimmers, sparkles and reflections) and notions of excess. It is this investigation not only of aesthetically pleasing pattern and systems, but also the theories of philosophers such as Manuel DeLanda, which informs how his artworks are executed.

Leary’s works are composed through an intense and laborious process that combines digital drawing with more conventional modes of hand-crafted assemblage and collage. The sculptures he creates are reminiscent of topographic land masses – mountains of geometric forms undulating in a mass of exploding colour. The works start as two dimensional shapes or “territories” as he calls them but grow into worlds based on patterns and algorithmic systems that inform the artistic process of composition.