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Kim Anderson recently exhibited as part of Mutual Realities: Finding Common Ground in Uncertain Times at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. As one of four pairings of local artists invited to collaborate remotely to create new work responding to the COVID pandemic Kim’s piece ‘Languid to the Moon’ (ink, charcoal and graphite on kozo paper, 735 x 97cm) incorporated poety by Nathan Curnow.

Long interested in the physical expression of psychological trauma, Anderson’s exploration of solastalgia—also known as ‘eco-anxiety’ and ‘ecological grief’—began with her 2018 solo exhibition To Live Alone in a World of Wounds at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. This new body of work continues and deepens her research. In Anderson’s drawings, the shape of tree limbs are subtly echoed in the gestures of the figure’s body. The dress—flouncy, ankle-length, wildly impractical—recalls the patterns of tree bark in its many folds and creases. This figure is at once out of place in the landscape, and implicitly connected to it, shadowing the trees that cling in death to the soil.
Excerpt of exhibition text by Anna Dunnill 2019