Melinda Schawel

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The abstracted compositions of Melinda Schawel conjure a kind of visual ecology; a symbolic world where concept and construct interact in quiet symbiosis. Immersing herself in the often-overlooked alchemy of paper the Melbourne-based artist summons formal dialogues between texture and mark to present her experiential vision of the natural world.

Using traditional media in unconventional ways – papers collaged, woods sanded, ripped away, covered in ink washes, written on, and waxed – Melinda Schawel’s mixed media works are experimental iterations driven by a love of materials and surfaces, and the search to find the optimum point where ideas, technique and media come together. Working with a pared back palette of neutral tones that are accented by bold reds and graphic blues, Schawel’s works appear both primordial and feather-light, striking a balance between control and chaos as she manipulates her medium and the ever-present element of surprise to create shapes and forms of a largely organic nature.