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When you’re looking for luxury flooring options, est can be your guide to sophisticated flooring that sets the right tone in any room. You might have your heart set on wooden floorboards, but there are a range of different designer options available to complement your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or even rooms in offices. Our modern flooring solutions are equally opulent in indoor or outdoor settings, whether they’re installed in commercial or residential spaces.

Flooring Products to Enhance any Luxury Home

At est we have an exclusive collection of modern flooring products that includes rugs, carpets, timber, stone, and much more. Some of our favourites include the rustic Oriental Deluxe Tawny Sisal Carpet, the Scandinavian Mafi Cor Ash Brushed Deep White Oil wooden flooring, and the pure opulence of the CDK Calacatta Marble for kitchen or bathroom.

What We Can Do for You at est

If you’re an interior designer or proud homeowner wanting only the best flooring products and other high-end items for your home or your client’s residence, est is for you. We have a magazine of distinction that brings you the latest styles in architecture and interior design for modern smart homes. Flip through our magazine here on our website or simply browse our products, designers, spaces and styles for instant inspiration.

If you’re a designer or architect who would like to be featured on our website or in an in-depth interview for our magazine, we would love to hear from you. Contact us by emailing editorial@estliving.com to offer article or feature suggestions.

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All the flooring products featured on our website and in our online magazine are carefully selected by our editors, meaning you know you’re getting the very best when it comes to modern flooring and other interior design elements for luxury living. Sign up to our email newsletter today to stay ahead of the curve.

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