Screens & Room Dividers

  • Baxter Oddo Screen

    The Baxter Oddo is a Two-faced screen with revolving structure in antiqued brass, consisting of one side in antiqued mirror… continue reading.

  • FrancoCrea Ekta Room Divider

    Making stunning use of negative space, the FrancoCrea Ekta Room Divider can serve as either a bold, sculptural room divider… continue reading.

  • Poltrona Frau Plot Room Divider

    Poltrona Frau Plot Room Divider can be folded as required, redesigning any corner with elegance, delicacy and discretion. The most… continue reading.

  • Victor Cadène X Maison Thévenon Screen La Paresse

    Artist and illustrator, Victor Cadène reinterpreted the toile de Jouy, putting three scenes from the original drawing onto the Victor… continue reading.

  • Gebruder Thonet Vienna Feng

    Gebruder Thonet Vienna Feng modular screen is the result of the Testatonda Group’s desire to combine functionality and sophistication. The… continue reading.

  • Separate Room Divider

    Separate, a room divider in solid Oregon pine and leather.