Great Dane Ilse Low Back Sofa (Hand-Loomed Wool)

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The Great Dane Ilse Low Back Sofa (Hand-Loomed Wool) is an exclusive collaboration between Great Dane and renowned British designer, Ilse Crawford. For the first time, the collaboration will see the Ilse Sofa manufactured outside of the UK, in Australia. Great Dane has secured exclusive rights to produce the iconic design in the Australian market.

Originally designed in 2014, the Ilse Sofa was first created for Ilse Crawford’s own studio apartment in South London. Its high back and box shape was carefully engineered, designed to make it a room within a room. Additionally, its capacious dimensions allow it to double up as a cosy spare bed.

With a focus on sustainability, traditional techniques and natural materials, the Ilse Sofa uses an interwoven horse hair lock method to form its outer layer, which doubles as the primary stuffing material. Along with coil springs, the internal structure is also hand filled with Australian organic sheep wool, followed by a layer of cotton felt to provide thick padding and comfort.

A place to settle in, sprawl out or curl up while feeling safe and protected, the Ilse sofa is a piece of interior architecture, designed for those who seek a piece of furniture that is functional and comfortable, while also a standout feature in the room.