Helen Redmond

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Helen Redmond’s full time studio practice is a fulfilment of a life in visual art, interior architecture and design. In a real sense it is a continuum, a natural outcome from decades steeped in experiencing architecture both theoretically and physically. In Redmond’s paintings the idea of ‘spaces’ and ‘interiors’ became more symbolic and subtle. With a deft use of perspective and shadow she generates a depth that feels aerial rather than frontal. You can look at these works as if opening a box, descending a stairwell or being drawn into a labyrinth. The idea of the painting as a chamber is an ancient one. Some of her textures remind me of the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, others possess the crushed right angles of the micro-architecture depicted in proto-Renaissance allegorical painting. Some evoke abandoned space, a remnant of post-industrial desolation. Yet none are descriptive images of a known place. Rather, as a body of work, they form an accretion of spaces: Mythic, ritual, art historical, projected and submerged.