Hettich Actro 5D

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Hettich Actro 5D fittingly gets its name from the runner system’s ability to be adjusted in 5-way directions, with its narrow reveals and large front panels allowing the runner to be hidden below the drawer to create a seamless and clean look. Its synchronised system allows for smooth running and with a load capacity of up to 70kg. 

Specs –

Precise 5-fold adjustment
Smooth, quiet running system
Synchronous control for a transition-free motion sequence between the profiles
Load classes XS (10 kg) / L (40 kg) / XL (70 kg)
High lateral stability and excellent running comfort, even under heavy loads
Tool-less height adjustment up to + 3 mm, side adjustment up to +/- 1.5 mm, tilt adjustment up to + 4 mm and radial adjustment up to +/- 1.5 mm
Galvanised steel