Hettich ArciTech

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Hettich ArciTech features a contemporary double-walled drawer with an updated ‘Actro’ runner system utilising synchronised nylon rollers, ArciTech guarantees stability by being able to carry up to 70kg of weight while looking sleek with its standard matte finish.

Quiet and secure running action guaranteed – thanks to the Actro runner with its unique prism principle and synchronous control. The convenient Push to open Silent function opens the drawer in response to a light press while closing it again in a gently controlled action.

Even carrying heavy loads, the Actro runner always provides full access as well as silent and soft closing. ArciTech is strong enough even for large, heavy drawers.

The platform concept gives you efficient and varied design options on the drawer side profile. This way, for example, designer profiles let you create unmistakable combinations.