Hettich EcoPower L

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Hettich EcoPower L spotlights offer compact lighting solutions for a variety of applications such as illuminating shelves, display cabinets, and kitchen midway sections. With its specially designed wide beam, the spotlight provides shadow-free illumination without interfering with any objects. Ideal for entry-level use, the EcoPower L is an efficient lighting solution that delivers optimal brightness and clarity.

Hettich’s lighting solutions by Halemeier Lighting feature the latest in European design excellence and are the perfect touch to complement and complete any living space – from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between. The Magic range has a wide variety of products to suit any application, from mood to task lighting, and includes a range of low-voltage LED lights that give off virtually no heat and use limited energy – but now with more power.

Colour’s Available: Warm White, Neutral White and Multi White.