Hettich Veosys

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Hettich Veosys stainless steel finish makes a robust, corrosion-proof all-rounder. Not affected by temperature fluctuations and moisture, Veosys is the ideal choice for a broad range of applications. Whether outdoors, in spa centres, gyms or laboratories or hospitals – Veosys comes with tested resistance to corrosion. Hettich’s Integrated Silent System never fails either at low or high outdoor temperatures. With its uniquely wide self-closing angle of 35 degrees, Veosys closes doors almost by itself.

Specs –

Concealed hinge with clip-on installation and integrated Silent System
Quality classification under EN 15570, Level 2
Corrosion proof, 120h NSS (neutral salt spray test) to DIN EN ISO 9227
For door thickness of 14 – 22 mm
Cup diameter 35 mm
Cup depth 11.5 mm
Integrated overlay adjustment +/- 2 mm
Integrated depth adjustment + 2.5 mm / – 1.5 mm
Height adjustment at mounting plate
Stainless steel