John Nicholson

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John Nicholson’s newest works in Merge  ( a direct continuum from his 2015 exhibition, Traffic at Sarah Cottier Gallery) evince his continuing exploration into the generic terms and concepts that have been appropriated by digital, computer-aided worlds and programs. Nicholson’s masterful manipulation of light, colour and form capture, in a moment, the utopian dream of technology. His sculptures echo perfect realms, where smooth edges and bright colours create an edifice that ‘all is well’, and further, that all is infinite.


Nicholson’s Merge series is a playful metaphor: the merging of the digital and the ‘real’, the loss of boundaries that traditionally separated human from non-human. His is a parody: we are gently confronted by our reflection in his work, softly symbolic of the symbiosis of life and technology. Nicholson’s prophetic undercurrents reveal the trajectory of our corporeality and cerebration.