Kerryn Levy Torn Onishi Vase

The Kerryn Levy Torn Onishi Vase was created for the Landskein exhibition by Kerryn Levy and Theresa Hunt in September 2020.

‘Sleeping in the Forest’ is Kerryn Levy’s  love letter to the landscape devastated by last Summer’s bushfires. This body of work consists of a collection of sculptural vessels constructed slowly, coil by coil, patterns forming naturally on the surface of the clay, created by finger marks and traces of the making process. These objects have an inherent connection to the human body that formed them and the landscape whence they came. For this collection she limited her use of colour to black, white and green to represent the charred landscape, its ghostly remains and the new growth now determinedly and beautifully emerging.  Among the charcoal black figures she used slivers of gold leaf to highlight the beauty of this scarred but enduring landscape.

Interiors Featuring Kerryn Levy Torn Onishi Vase