Liebherr Monolith Wine Cabinet

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Boasting an impressive width of 60cm (24”) and capable of holding up to 100 0.75l Bordeaux bottles, the Liebherr Monolith Wine Cabinet provides 3 individual temperature zones, each with a temperature range of 5°c to 20°c, and is the perfect built-in solution for the most discerning wine connoisseur. Offering ultramodern design, virtually silent operation and unparalleled reliability synonymous with world-leading German engineering, every model in the Monolith range boasts Liebherr’s award-winning DNA. And now with the addition of the Wine Cabinet, the Monolith range is without equal.

Incorporating an ultra-low vibration compressor, natural beechwood shelves, charcoal filter and UV protected glass, the Liebherr Monolith Wine Cabinet provides the perfect environment for wine preservation.