Bedroom Lighting

  • GUBI Collar Pendant Light

    The GUBI Collar Pendant Light, designed by the German designer Sebastian Herkner, is a series of pendant lights where special… continue reading.

  • Pierre Yovanvitch Mobilier x Dior Midi Table Lamp

    Consistent with all Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier undertakings, the collection spotlights local savoir-faire methods, including the use of traditional woodworkingand the… continue reading.

  • GUBI PD2 Floor Lamp

    The GUBI PD2 Floor Lamp was designed in 1955 by Barba Corsini to be part of the interior decoration in… continue reading.

  • DCW Editions Boucle Table Light

    DCW Editions Boucle Table Light by Éric De Dormaël is part of a collection of “sculpture lights“, characterised by their fluidity,… continue reading.

  • Ozone Brasilia LP

    The Ozone Brasilia LP table lamp is designed in France, with a black square base and a unique paper diffuser.