Luceplan Liiu

The Luceplan Liiu is a light and flexible system of suspension lamps, the result of bold research on the part of Luceplan to create high-performance lighting designs whose main feature is an ethereal, poetic overall image.?
The basic structure is composed of electrified metal cables fastened to the ceiling and held in constant tension by counter-weights.? The bodies of the lamps are positioned on the cables by means of two very light arms that support the luminous head and feature a spiral at the extremity.? Assembly is simple and rapid, with a gesture that sums up the essence of the project.? The cables are wrapped around the rigid spiral of the arms in such a way that the structure of the lamp, besides its mechanical task of supporting the weight of the light sources, also conveys the current to the LED module placed inside the head of the unit.? The effect of weight permits the luminous parts to remain in contact with the cables, guaranteeing continuous power supply.? The light spreads through the conical diffuser, creating a soft, almost ethereal effect without ever becoming excessive.?