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Wrapped Globe, Wrapped Fountain and Ponte Sant’Angelo are elaborate, handmade works by the artist Christo. He used a photo of a globe from the 1960s, wrapped it in translucent foil, and bound it with thin threads. The motif is surrounded by materials that the artist often liked to use, masking tape and cardboard. Included is a grid for locating the world within the work, and numbers on the sides for measurement and order.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude first became known after aligning themselves with the Nouveaux Réalistes, although they were never official members of the group. They made their breakthrough with projects that saw them wrapping buildings, industrial objects and famous works of architecture such as the Berlin Reichstag.

The project “Wrapped Fountain”, planned for La Fontana de Jujol in Barcelona’s Plaza d’Espana, was conceived in 1979. The collage dates from the year 2009, but the project remains unrealised. Complete with labels and plans, the sketch provides an insight into both the fountain and the planned, wrapped artwork. Another project, also unrealised, is presented in the lithograph “Wrapped Building, Project for #1 Times Square”.