Christoph Schrein

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With wavy, flowing streams of colour, Christoph Schrein takes the viewer into a new realm of time and space. The artist creates shapes that reflect light and float through the air like metallic veils, winding around and overlaying each other in zero gravity. The abstract acrylic glass paintings from the series TARA call forth the complex illusion of spatial depth, creating new spheres beyond the existing reality. Schrein lets viewers discover the sculptural creations from different perspectives; his work offers a chance to pause and reflect.

Using a special brush technique, the artist applies oils to both sides of the acrylic. Traces of the artist are barely visible in the works themselves. These monochrome pictures appear to originate from within, the otherworldly matter consisting of shimmering, nuanced colours has taken on a life of its own. There is no beginning and no end, there is no subtle message – these veils of colour move weightlessly on a metaphysical plane beyond the realm of stigmatizing discussion.

In his artistic creations, Christoph Schrein always strives for unity and to depict an inner necessity, so that the paintings “divulge and reveal [his] innermost feelings.” He succeeds in creating an ancient and sublime form of matter with gentle waves and gleaming reflections; a material so precious its origins feel more extra-terrestrial than human.